AJANKOHTAISTA MUJIN näyttelyn aikoina 2023


AJANKOHTAISTA MUJIN näyttelyn aikoina 2023

Anita Jensen Matrikkeliin

I have spent much of the past three years and the pandemic by taking stock of my work since 1985 – trying to get a sense of the things I have experienced, felt, done and thought while creating the kind of artworks I make. This has also led me to complete an “almost total inventory/purge of my studio” – and therefore of my mind as well.

Now that I have begun to see a little further back in my life, the perspectives and meanings in my work are becoming ever clearer to me.

And it also strengthens my determination to continue to look forward.

The exhibition now on show at MUJI Small Gallery is a kind of stopover or break for me.

While presenting a selection of works from the past few years, it also makes room for new possibilities that I’ve been considering and preparing for the future…

My heart and soul will continue to travel between Finland and Japan in the future as well.

My research and work trips will in the next couple of years take me to the island of Shikoku, the very place where my long and eventful journey with Japanese culture first began. I will be developing a series of exhibitions that have emerged on the island over a period of many years, to be presented in Finland and Japan. In Finland, I will continue to work at the Artist Village in Myllypuro.

My field studies of the heart and mind will therefore continue, and the secrets therein will continue to unfold.

Kauppakeskus KAMPPI
Urho Kekkosen katu 1. 00100 Helsinki

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